Why You Need to Embrace Risk to Further Your Professional Growth

Your capacity to embrace risk directly impacts your ability to maximize your professional growth. Risk-taking allows you to learn more about yourself, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and make connections that you had not previously made or could not see. Why should you take that step out of your comfort zone?

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How Assumptions are Affecting Your Career Opportunities

So often when we consider new career opportunities, we are confronted with the negative voice of our own egos. I recently had one client deem hers “the ghost in the room.” Here’s a typical scenario: You’re changing professional roles and the voice tells you that the new team you’ll be working with doesn’t have confidence in you, or that someone else would have been more qualified to fill the position. You start to become weighed down by ideas and stories that you fabricate in your mind. You wind up creating assumptions about other people, their beliefs, and about yourself, and in the process, erode your self-confidence and convince yourself that you’re not good enough.

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