Are you on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions?

6 mindset shifts that will help you achieve your goal this year!

It happens every year: You come up with a goal for the New Year ahead. Maybe you want to change jobs, get a promotion or restructure your team for peak performance. Giddy with excitement, you allow yourself to fantasize about how amazing your life will be when you reach these goals. Yet when it comes to thinking practically and taking steps toward your objectives, you lose steam. Pretty soon, you’re making excuses for why you just don’t have enough time to change things. Flash forward to the end of the year, and you’re far short of those ambitious goals.

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Time Management Secrets of the Successful

“I just don’t have enough time.” That is a challenge that my clients consistently struggle with and something that I am used to hearing as a professional coach. People come to me with a goal and are enthusiastic about taking that next step in their careers… until the next hurdle presents itself: struggling to find time to dedicate to their professional growth.

What makes some professionals more effective at getting things done? I believe a key factor in career evolution lies in the answer to this question. I decided to conduct my own empirical research and interviewed several of the most organized, Type A individuals I know. My findings confirmed what I had long suspected about time management.

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Taking Action towards your Career Transition

The prospect of making a career change is very exciting and can represent a new chapter in your life and yet, for most, it proves to be daunting task. It can appear like an insurmountable mountain and the trek to the top appears formidable and intimidating. While planning and setting realistic goals are an important part of making your next career move, the mind’s tendency will often overthink a situation and trap you into a state of analysis-paralysis. In order to make a change, you need to take the initial small steps along that path to reach your goal. This can manifest in multiple ways.

  • Make Your Career Search a Priority

Commit to yourself by carving out the time necessary to explore your possibilities. Creating a structured approach to your career transition is a key success factor.

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