Are you on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions?

6 mindset shifts that will help you achieve your goal this year!

It happens every year: You come up with a goal for the New Year ahead. Maybe you want to change jobs, get a promotion or restructure your team for peak performance. Giddy with excitement, you allow yourself to fantasize about how amazing your life will be when you reach these goals. Yet when it comes to thinking practically and taking steps toward your objectives, you lose steam. Pretty soon, you’re making excuses for why you just don’t have enough time to change things. Flash forward to the end of the year, and you’re far short of those ambitious goals.

Well, what if I told you that you didn’t have to fall short this year? What if this was the year you learned how to use uplift to make progress toward your goals and finally achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.

In my work as a professional coach, I’ve helped clients accomplish goals by identifying roadblocks and using these 6 mindset shifts to achieve results.

  • Make “one and only” resolution

When you can’t figure out where to put your focus, select one resolution that will deliver the highest impact on your life. Then focus all your attention and resources on this goal.

  • Schedule goal sessions

Does it seem like your goal is the last thing you set aside time to work on? Making sure the steps to reach your objective are reflected in your calendar is a must. Try slotting 60 minutes of goal time into your morning so you make yourself work on it. You won’t believe the difference small, regular work sessions can make!

  • Create your win team to stay accountable

So many of my clients only get things done when they are on deadline or have to show results to someone else. If this sounds like you, pick a person who you can trust to hold you accountable. This could be a coach, family member, business partner, or trusted friend.

  • Maximize resources

You don’t need to go it all alone. Practice asking for help in your professional and personal life… you’d be surprised at how often you’ll hear a “yes” answer when you ask for what you need.  Delegate, outsource, think creatively about resources that you can leverage.

  • Make it fun

Some individuals can only deliver when they make the process fun. Reflect on how you can make the process of achieving your goal something enjoyable and that you look forward to work on.

  • Recharge & reward

Recharge yourself to boost energy levels. Take breaks, meditate, hit the gym, do whatever works for you to get energy from your environment. Along the way, reward yourself by celebrating small milestones and hard work.

Think critically about how to apply these strategies to your specific goal to find success. Then take inspired action!


Leticia Hartmann is a Certified Professional Coach and Founder at Exploritat – Executive Coaching and Talent Development.


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